The Pullbox Binge List: What to Watch, According to Paul

Howdy, Folks!  Now that we’re into our 799th day or so of social distancing (or at least, it feels like it) and many of you are probably already through your second, third and ninth tv binge options on the various and sundry streaming services, we at the Pullbox thought we’d offer up our own fave bingeworthy shows, in the hope we can provide you with some new lockdown-killing material…

Here with today’s recommendations is Paul:

1)         Killjoys (2013, SyFy / Amazon)  If you’re looking for something out there to help ease that Firefly sized hole in your soul, take a look at this SyFy original. Set in the far reaches of space, among a motley assortment of planets known as The Quad, follow the adventures of Dutch, John, & D’avin as they make a living as Killjoys… bounty hunters… while fighting off hired killers, shadowy conspiracies, & their own checkered pasts.

2)         The Boys (2019, Amazon Prime Original)  So did you ever wonder what happens when… not if… super powered beings go off the rails? If said super A-holes aren’t careful, they find themselves on the business end of Billy Butcher’s ire. Not for the squeamish or faint of heart (certainly NOT for the kids… sorry), this is as brutal & unapologetic look at the seedier side of the comics we all read & love. I’m serious… nothing is off limits here, so put the kids to bed before you start watching. Maybe even lock their doors so they don’t trying sneaking out. There’s some prime therapy fodder in this show.

3)         Highlander (1992, Gaumont Television / Amazon)  Setting the Wayback machine for this one, folks, cuz now we’re going back to a crazy time known as the 90’s. Following- loosely- the events of the first movie (thankfully not the second), this one holds a special place in my heart. It might not always be high entertainment, but watching the adventures of Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod & a steady supply of awesome guest stars (Joan Jett, Nigel Terry, Marc Singer, Roger Daltrey to name just a few) swinging swords to a soundtrack that mixes in Queen & Kansas is an great way to spend some free time.

4)         Battlestar Galactica (2004, SyFy / Amazon)  I don’t usually go in for reboots, but this spin up of a childhood favorite (anyone else remember seeing the original movie in an actual movie theater?) hit every mark possible. With a heavy focus on service & duty, both military & to family, BSG did something no show has down quite so well since. First they took a shoestring budget to produce some of the most stunning visuals seen on television. If you’re gonna argue that Firefly did just as good a job, it’s interesting to note that it was the same visual effects company. In fact, go back to the original mini-series. When Laura Roslyn is sitting in the doctor’s office, gazing up through the window at the ships flying by overheard, keep an eye out for the Firefly class freighter. Next, they took Edward James Olmos & Mary McDonnell, and put them at the head of a cast of actors who were just finding out how great they were.

Gargoyles (1994, Walt Disney Television / Amazon)  If you’re looking for an animated series to watch with the family, you’re going to have a tough time finding one as perfectly produced as this. Everything about this show, from the visuals to the musical score (not something that was always the focus in animated shows) to the outstanding storytelling, is a hit. The show focusses on a family of displaced gargoyles, “stone by day, warriors by night” who are originally from Scotland of the year 994AD, and now find themselves in modern (1994, anyway) New York City. With an outstanding voice cast, this one still holds up and is available in full on Disney+.

And there you have it!  We’ll continue posting one staff member’s opinions each day until we run out of folks, and will do our best to compare notes and not have the same five shows over and over again. 

So until tomorrow, keep your feet and the ground, and keep reaching for the sky!  (And let’s keep that six feet of distance from each other while we’re at it, shall we?)

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