Pullbox Reviews: Doctor Mirage Issue #1 “A Mysterious Beginning”

Review by Clara [only posted by Eric] – Clara is a writing intern at The Pullbox

Written by: Magdalene Visaggio

Art by: Nick Robles

In the new series Doctor Mirage (Valiant publishing) the story follows the life of a woman chaotically attempting to revive her recently (and prematurely) deceased husband. But there’s a twist; Unlike everyone else, she has a unique ability to see ghosts. As an un-ordinary couple that could see the dead and use magic, they were self-proclaimed “half-way famous” television stars with their own show that showcased their oddities. But suddenly, her power is gone. As she spirals from her fall from stardom, the sudden passing of her husband, and her sudden inability to see the dead and use her previously known magic, she decides to take up the offer to get help from a teenage girl who comes knocking on her door.

The depth of the plot in this new series is extremely intriguing, with cliff-hangers and unanswered questions that keep you wanting to read more. As the mysterious life and secrets about our main character, Shan Fong Mirage, are continuously sprinkled throughout the story, we get drawn into what her previous life was like. As readers, we become completely interested by the secrets and motives that are yet to be revealed. As a truly mysterious and secluded character, we learn only small details that hint to the full story. The universe of this comic is intense and offers an extremely interesting concept. As the world of the living, dead, and the idea of magic combine, the writer and artist work together to make these beautiful and dynamic worlds that remain separate, but overlapping throughout the comic. 

The art was very color based and it allowed us to see the dimensions of the character’s experience through their eyes. The style was very unique and detailed. It clearly expressed the differences between the “living” and “dead” worlds. Pastels, neons, and bright colors create some amazing different action panels and reflect the emotions of the characters. I found the panels to be very interesting, but not too intense that I found the scenes confusing or felt lost throughout the comic. 

This comic was overall a very interesting and unique concept that alludes mystery and action through intense plot concepts and detailed art. I really enjoyed reading it and felt encapsulated throughout the beginning of the story. An overall score for this piece would be 

Score: 12/13.

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