Pullbox Reviews: Clara’s take on Life is Strange Issue #12 “A Forever Expanding Universe That Offers an Abundance of Mystery and Action”

Written by: Emma Viecei
Art by: Claudia Leonardi

Life is Strange (Titian Comics) is a graphic novel series that has built up suspense within twelve issues. The comic brings to light a slightly different genre that can appeal to a large audience. It offers a variety of action that follows an intense and forever expanding plot that keeps the audience interested. The comic continuously incorporates new plot twists, keeping the mystery alive as the story progresses. 

Life is Strange #12, written by Emma Viecei, continues the intriguing saga that has built up in detail and action throughout the past comics. As our main character, Max, searches for ways to return to her reality, she discovers that a path may be within reach, but the possibility of returning to her reality might be at the expense of others. What risks is she willing to take to discover the unknown and return to her timeline? 

Emma Viecei has created beautiful characters that are unique and well-developed, making the story all the more interesting. She keeps the character’s growth, mindset, and personality in mind while writing dialogue and continuing the plot. As the suspense grows, she hints at the ideas that will be expanded upon in future comics, leaving the reader with just enough information to digest, while still remaining interested in the story and at the edge of their seats, waiting to see what will happen next. Within each issue, characters gain more individual traits that make them more relatable and three dimensional. There is consistent action, information, development, and questions to expand the story upon at the end of each issue that keeps the reader hooked by the mystery of what is yet to be discovered.

This specific comic creates the idea of what it looks like to be in between realities and time, and begs the question; What is the extent of Max’s abilities? Trial and consequence opens more doors and possibilities within this plot, but the comic also includes plenty of heartfelt scenes between characters. While reflecting on personal decisions and emotions, the group is able to support each other and become closer and stronger as a group, and as individuals.

The illustrations within the comic are colorful, detailed, and overall very clean cut. Claudia Leonardi, the illustrator of the series, sculpts a beautiful representation of this unique world, allowing the readers to become wrapped up in the intriguing story. The characters are all designed uniquely, representing their individual characteristics and liveliness. The art truly brings the story to life with an acute attention to detail and style.

This is a great series that expands the styles of comics. It has weaved creative three dimensional characters and is a different genre of comics that expands the comic book universe. Overall, the comic offers a forever expanding universe that offers an abundance of mystery and action, and although it is a long plot, it contains a lot of detail and creates a fantastic story that many people can enjoy. 

This was an amazing comic (and series) and I would give it an overall score of 12/13. 

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Updated: February 18, 2020 — 11:45 am

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