Indie Spotlight – Project Wildfire: Superheroes battling muggers, corporate corruption, AND KAIJU!

Will Watson the Third didn’t want super powers — he wanted to pay for his books and his tuition. When he signed up for an experimental trial at his college, he couldn’t know how desperate Monsterwatch had become to fend off the plague that was on the horizon. A genetic predisposition and the chemical cocktail created an unprecedented reaction in Watson’s body, making him Shelby City’s best chance against impossible odds.

Wildfire isn’t a hero to everyone, and when a super-powered street vigilante calls him on his lack of civic responsibility, he has to wrestle with that conflict as well as a new kind of giant monster aiming to bring terror to his territory.

Sharp writing and impressive artwork highlight this small press book… Fans of heroes with a little more humanity to them, battling kaiju villains with a little less, might wanna get in on this. — Paul

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