Poolbox Reviews: The Philosophy of Deadpool- the ‘Pool is the path to true enlightenment


Uncover the wiles and insights of the Merc with a Mouth in this lavishly presented collection of Deadpool’s best, worst and frankly outrageous moments from his comic book history.

Deadpool: a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a frankfurter skin suit. Even he doesn’t know what the *?@$ is going on in his brain! In this little guide to everyone’s favorite mercenary, discover what makes the katana-wielding, gun-toting, insult-firing anti-hero tick, or maybe more accurately in his case, tock.

With a collection of the greatest comic book covers, scenes we love to remember (or forget, depending on your disposition), and the musings of our morally confused comrade, there’s sure to be some wisdom gained from the ravings of a psychotic killer who cracks wise more than a comedian on Prozac.

When one considers the many paths along the road to Enlightenment, one might not consider the infamous Wade Wilson- aka: Deadpool- as a source of wisdom or inspiration. But think about it for a minute… The penultimate goal of zen mastery, aside from the understanding that there is no true mastery, is the “mind of no mind”. Who better to represent that deceptively simple ideology than the Merc with a mouth himself? Personally, I can’t think of anyone who better exemplifies a life lived in the moment, without concern given to a past that’s gone and a future yet to come. So it was with great interest that I cracked open this book and took a step into the mind- or minds- of one of Marvel Entertainment’s most popular, most entrenched in pop-culture, most chaotic characters.

Not to be confused with the completely different book, Deadpool and Philosophy: My Common Sense is Tingling by Nicolas Michaud, The Philosophy of Deadpool is more of a retrospective featuring snapshots of the life of Pool taken from his many comicbook titles over the years. While some might be disappointed at first, I have to say that this is arguably a really solid bargain for fans of the ‘Pool. Instead of a heavy treatise diving into the layers of Deadpool’s mind, narrated by a professor who may or may not appreciate Wade for what and who he is, readers are treated to glimpses of the man in action as he makes his way through a life that has never been simple or easy for him or anyone around him.

Thematically organized into chapters, with titles such as “Deadpool’s Rules on Dating”, “Deadpool’s Team-Up Spectacular”, & my personal favorite, “Deadpool’s Epic Ass-Kicking Showdown Countdown”, The Philosophy of Deadpool collects some of the greatest covers and panels from the comicbook series Francis doesn’t want you to read.

Which really should be enough to convince anyone to give this hardcover (so still a little bit heavy…) special edition a go.

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