Pullbox Movie Review: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood- Lily’s Take “Heartwarming and Visually Stunning”

Hello Neighbor! Yesterday, the highly anticipated biopic, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, arrived in theaters. The movie is based on the real life friendship between Mr. Rogers, the popular children’s TV host, portrayed by the legendary Tom Hanks, and a journalist who has to write an article about him. Step into an episode of the classic show where we get an inside look at the life the writer Lloyd Vogel, played by actor Matthew Rhys. Vogel has made a bad reputation for himself, and is less than excited to be doing a piece on Rogers. Will he learn that Mr. Rogers can help anyone in need, not just kids? 

Mr. Rogers has been a part of many children’s lives for generations, and revolutionized children’s television forever. For millions of kids across the world, Mr. Rogers has been their hero, and this movie captures his desire to reach out and relate to kids like no one had done before. The movie was heartwarming and visually stunning. I must warn you, no matter if you are young, old, or just getting introduced to Mr. Rogers, you will be touched by the beauty of the film. For those who grew up with Mr. Rogers inviting them into his neighborhood, there are a lot of nostalgic elements that fill the hearts of viewers with joy and bring them back to their childhood. 

Hanks embodies Mr. Rogers, and really shows how much of an impact his show had on the world, and how he lived to make everyone he met a little happier. The movie showcases the amazing time and bond that formed between real life reporter Tom Junod, (portrayed in the movie as Lloyd Vogel),  who wrote a profile on Rogers for Esquire magazine in the 90s. The movie mentions that Fred Rogers didn’t classify himself as a saint, but the millions of people who he helped around the world may beg to differ. No matter who you are, Mr. Rogers would be there. 

The movie covers very dark, but relatable topics including Lloyd’s complicated past and relationships. The movie itself was beautifully filmed, and coming from someone who is growing sick of biopics, this film gave me so many feels. I walked out of the movie theater so much happier than when I walked in. Throughout the movie, the audience discovers the true Fred Rogers and just how much he would do for people on and off the show. One of my favorite moments from A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood was the cameo appearance from Mrs. Rogers. It was very subtle, but in my opinion, it may have been the sweetest moment in the film. 

This movie will capture the hearts of just about anyone who sees it, and I highly recommend seeing it this weekend. It was a joy to watch and experience. When you see it bring a box of tissues with you. Join Mr. Rogers in his wonderful neighborhood at a theater near you!

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