Pullbox Previews: Red Card – Gladiator style soccer games for the fate of humanity! Nuff’ said!

Title: Red Card

Written By: Jason M. Burns

Art By: Ramon Espinoza

Colors: Dustin Evans

Letters By: Nick Deschenes

Cover By: Dustin Evans


After a mission into space leads to alien spores known as Shuttle Dust being released into the atmosphere, the majority of the population transforms into mindless, insect-like creatures. The world falls into disarray and those who remain turn to a man named The Zoltan who hosts dangerous, gladiator-style soccer games where players must face off with the Shuttle Dusters. Junior, his star player, attempts to master the games and liberate the camp of survivors.

Red Card can be purchased online at https://www.neymarjrcomics.com or through the the Neymar Jr. Comics app. comic app is available in either iOS format through the App Store or Android format in the Google Play Store.

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