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Last weekend, I had the chance to experience the brilliant highly anticipated and controversial film from Todd Phillips starring the one of a kind Joaquin Phoenix in Joker. This movie has been getting buzz from the moment it was announced, and for some the hype is over, but for others just getting into the film, it has just begun. Before getting too much farther into this review, I must say that this movie is rated R and contains various scenes that may be disturbing for some viewers. This movie is not for everyone, and appeals to a very specific audience that is willing to be on the side of an anti-hero. It is a love it or hate it kind of movie, and I loved it. 

This is not a typical DC Comics movie, it is something truly unforgettable. More than anything, the visuals of this movie stand out above the crowd and break free of the cookie cutter mold of traditional superhero movies. Todd Phillips incorporates vibrant color schemes to portray his various themes throughout the film. The vibrant colors along with how this feature was filmed, are nothing short of amazing. Phillips is a mastermind casting Joaquin for this leading role and bringing such a role to life. Joker is very reminiscent of an indie style film, but with a new twist. Comic movies over the past few years have just been becoming the same themes, cliches, and bad acting. The vibrant colors that dance across the screen contrast from the overall dark undertones of the movie.

Typically, in the Batman movies that have been produced more recently, the Joker is the villain that everyone loves to hate. The film broke out of the cookie cutter mold and tackled serious hard hitting topics that no other superhero movie has tackled before. Arthur Fleck has lived a hard life, and the audience can do nothing but feel bad for him, no matter what terrible things he does. Everything in his life falls apart, so he starts to live a different way, and starts to notice that he is changing Gotham. Many fans went into this movie knowing how seriously Joaquin takes his roles, and how he has a tendency to become his characters. This movie truly captures his dedication and motivation for the role. 

This is a movie that cannot be truly understood until you experience it. This review was not easy to write because I have never seen a film like this, and I probably will never see anything exactly like it again. I will be going back to see it for a second time this week. Joker something that you have to experience to understand, and I still  highly recommend it, even for those who are not particularly invested in the Batman or DC universe. 

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