Pullbox Spotlights – Catalyst Prime: Seven Days #1 (of 7)

Lorena Payan, CEO of Foresight Corporation, was the first to realize a meteor was hurtling towards Earth two years ago. Now, she’s the first to realize the Earth is in danger once more from something equally cosmic but far more sinister. Mysterious figures dubbed the Obsidian Men begin appearing silently all over the globe, and when a galactic conqueror gives the Earth seven days to prepare for death, our enhanced heroes must come together for the first time since The Event to face the most deadly foe the world has ever seen.

From the mind of acclaimed superhero veteran Gail Simone comes a tale of creation, destruction, and survival that will forever change the Catalyst Prime Universe.

From Lion Forge’s website: Since Gail Simone joined Lion Forge as the Chief Architect of the Catalyst Prime Universe, big things have been in the works for the CPU. In a March 2019 Deadline exclusive interview, Gail revealed that the fate of the Catalyst Prime Universe would change in SEVEN DAYS, a crossover event connecting all the universe’s superheroes in an epic battle for the world. With more teasers and tidbits released in Gail’s interviews with SyfyWirePreviewsWorld, and Women Write About Comics, outlining her plans for breaking and remaking the Catalyst Prime Universe.

thePullbox: This might not be a full review, but I (Paul) had to chime in on a few things. First and foremost, I haven’t been paying enough attention to what’s been coming out of Lion Forge, and that’s a thing I’ve already started to rectify. This is a publisher to keep tabs on, as they’re starting to build into their own cohesive superhero universe.

Secondly, this universe is looking to be the template for “all inclusive” superhero comicbooks. There are heroes & characters of all shapes, creeds, ethnicity & gender. In a particularly bold move, there’s also a superhero with Down Syndrome (Cosmosis) whose power is optic rays. So far, the Catalyst Prime Universe is shaping up to be a game changer… and judging from the stakes being raised, a world breaker.

Keep an eye out for more from us in the coming days, as Lion Forge continues to build a brave new world. There’s at least one Pullboxer who’s paying attention and eager to learn more…

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