Pullbox Previews: Going to the Chapel #1

It was the wedding from Hell, and that was before the bank robbers showed up. What do a conflicted bride, her dysfunctional family, a gang of Elvis-themed crooks, and one relentless sheriff have in common? They’re all about to discover love is the ultimate hostage situation.

Creator/writer David Pepose (Spencer & Locke) has been a long time friend of thePullbox, and recently sent us a reminder of the upcoming release of his new title from Action Lab. Here’s how he breaks down his book…

“In case any of your crew needs a refresher on the series, GOING TO THE CHAPEL is the story of Emily Anderson, a bride with cold feet whose wedding is hijacked by a gang of Elvis-themed bank robbers. But when Emily’s dysfunctional family turns this simple smash-and-grab spirals into a full-blown standoff with the police, Emily will become the unlikely ringleader of her own hostage situation to get out of walking down the aisle. 

“In other words, it’s like if Die Hard got hitched to Wedding Crashers, or if Tarantino had a baby with Arrested Development, and then chose to bring that baby to a wedding. It’s tailor-made for fans of comics like Crowded, Assassin Nation, The Fix, or Sex Criminals.”

To sweeten the deal, here are some preview pages… Check ’em out, and then get thee hence to a comicbook store near you.

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