Pullbox Previews: Dark Age – Long Shadows

The first installment of a space-fantasy epic twenty years in the making!

After detecting a strange energy signal from within deep space, the Legion sends Kildiir, along with the elite squadron known as First Strike, to investigate its source.

What they discover will alter the course of the Universe forever…

Take a look at this sprawling intergalactic epic, an open love letter to classics like Battle Beyond the Stars. One of the things that I thought was pretty cool was that as the book progressed, so did Torey Nelson’s artwork.

At a paltry 121 pages, and carrying a price tag of $7.99, how can you not give this one a shot? For more information, and a free downloadable prologue issue, hop on over to the website and poke around.

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  1. I got this comic and a bunch of hair grew on my chest!

    10/10 would recommend!

    1. Haha, thanks Jerry! Glad you liked it! And you’re welcome for the extra hair.

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