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SWEETIE #1 (Action Lab) – Writer(s): Sean Dillon, Steven Petrivelli (cowriter) Artist Name(s): Sean Dillon

Maggie isn’t your typical comic book, cartoon, and action movie fangirl. Through keen observation and unbending determination, she has taught herself all the death-defying stunts and fighting styles of her favorite action stars and superheroes! Unfortunately, Maggie has kept her eccentric hobby to herself, ever since it earned her the label of “nerd” among her classmates. After all, superheroes and evil villains are all kid stuff… right?  Wrong! The day before she begins high school, Maggie has a run-in with an evil mastermind and his sinister mercenary group. After years of training, it’s up to Maggie to be the self-taught superhero the city needs! But with bad guys crawling out of the woodwork and the daunting unknown of a high school ahead of her, can she really take on the world alone?

From the creative minds at Action Lab Comics comes the new comic, Sweetie #1, the first in the Sweetie series. This comic is different that the typical comics that I read because I don’t normally read superhero comics.. The story takes place in a big city where our lead, Maggie, lives. She may seem like an average girl who keeps to herself, but really she is something more. Like a lot of people, she admires the stunts and death defying action found in her favorite movies, but unlike most people she becomes just like one of the people she admires. Through passion, dedication, and training she learned the moves, but she has no idea that she will be the one that will have to save everyone in a dire situation just like something out of one of her favorite movies. Will her training  be enough to save everyone, including herself, from her high school career and the unexpected villains that seem to be coming out of nowhere?

As someone who has a distinct style of comic books that I read, this was something completely different in all of the best ways. I am used to a very simplistic, yet slightly stylistic approach to comics, but Sean Dillon and Steven Petrivelli created something completely new and exciting. The use of bold and dramatic lines throughout the comic sets the tone of the story. As in any great comic, the use of color schemes also help guide the reader into certain emotions that help set the tone of the story. For instance, there is a strong use of purples, pinks and blacks during scenes when she shows her abilities. These colors, normally thought of as feminine, are used when she is at her strongest. The story is sure to be a hit with teens because of the relatability between the Maggie and the readers. Many typical teens want to become their heroes, and this comic has the main character achieve that, while still living the life of a normal teen. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a funny, adventurous, and relatable tale of an average girl turned superhero.

Most stories of action heroes have stereotypical tropes and cliche ideas, like having the woman character saved by the strong male lead, but Sweetie #1 is keeping up with the times and presents the story of a strong female lead who can balance her average high school life with the life of an action hero. I had high hopes that the comic could go right alongside the latest action movies with strong power female leads, and it did not disappoint. Maggie l goes to the mall, and runs into a bunch of thugs who think she will be an easy target. Well think again. In today’s day and age, teens and people of all ages are looking for something different in their movies and comics. They did not need a man to save the lead character. People are interested in things that differ from the past and open new doors of inspiration to the new generations of the future, and thanks to Dillon and Petrivelli, this comic book does just that.

Teens today love bold and stylistic art, and this comic comes through for them. Through the use of dramatic contrasting colors, along with dramatic lines and text, the art gives the comic a pronounced way of doing things. The feel and tone of the story heavily relies on the use of the illustrations, color, and art style. Without these things, there would be less of a connection between the characters and the audience. It takes years of training and mastery to create such a natural feel and connection to the characters. As a teen and a girl, I already felt that I had a connection to the Maggie, but the art style and use of purples, greens, and other distinct colors that really drew me in. When talented artists like Sean are on the team, then it is clear that the comic is going to be great, and it is going to be a fun adventure for the reader to travel on.

Action stories are not always my favorite, but when some amazing people take a crack at it, it is sure to be a success! The art, the story, and the characters all aligned to create an thrilling new comic, and I look forward to seeing what’s next for Maggie and her friends!

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