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Adventure Time Season 11 #5 (BOOM! – (W) Sonny Liew (A) Marina Julia (CA) Jorge Corona ) When Finn and Jake are finally ready to find a new home after their treehouse was destroyed during Golb’s attack, an unlikely group makes shore on Ooo, leading Finn to confront the question of where he truly belongs.

From BOOM! Studios’ imprint company KaBOOM, comes the next chapter in Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time series: Adventure Time Season 11 #5. From TV to comic, BOOM! Studios has once again has opened up a new chapter of the Adventure Time series, taking place right after the events of season 10.  One of the things that they do a great job at is continuing and expanding on older gripping storylines from series, such as Adventure Time, and giving new meaning to them. This time, Finn is left questioning where he belongs and whether or not he should be a hero, after an unexpected band of familiar characters comes to Ooo looking for a new start. It is filled with residents from the island that his mother created and lived on. With the end of the show, we did not end up getting a resolution to a such a captivating storyline. This disappointed many fans.  We were left wondering what happened to the relationship between Finn and his mother, because he had lived most of his life without her. In the show when we first found out about Finn’s parents, it was a big deal to the fandom, but after those few episodes it was as if that storyline had gone into oblivion. So I was beyond excited when I found out that another comic was going to open the storyline back up again. This is another comic book for the fans, but could also be picked up by new readers. Although the storyline directly coincides with the shows’, the art style from Marina Julia is stylized in the best way possible. This one is sure to excite fans from all generations with an adventurous, yet heartfelt story of our hero and star of the show, Finn, discovering his place in the world.

An important subject I would like to talk about is the new style approach to the art that Julia created for this comic. Although I am a true fan of the original style and typically do not like when artists change it up, I am surprised to say that I enjoyed the change in pace. The way the illustrations are done reminds fans of those of the show, but have a newer look giving the comic a bit of a new meaning. The approach to the art is very similar to the approach of the writing. They are both a little bit more dramatic than the show usually was.  This comic is based on storylines that were never resolved from the Cartoon Network show, leaving it up to BOOM! Studios to create a continuation of the universe we know and love.  With time and new creative minds, sometimes the right decision is to reimagine the design in a way that fits the new storyline.

BOOM! Studios writers like Ted Anderson do a fantastic job of recreating storylines that were never resolved. In the show, some of my favorite storylines that were left to the minds of the viewers were Marcy and Simon’s story, the relationship between Flame Princess and her father, and Finn and his mom. With the cancelation of the show, we did not get an end to these storylines, so when there is a line of comics devoted to finishing these storylines, it makes dedicated fans feel very special, but even new fans can travel on a super fun adventure when reading these comics. So far, KaBOOM has done two of my favorite storylines, and I have high hopes that someday they may create a new comic dedicated to Flame Princess and her dad. I highly recommend reading these amazing continuations, and I look forward to reading more BOOM! Studio originals soon!

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