Pullbox Previews: The Wild Cosmos

The Wild Cosmos (Scout Comics) – Written and featuring artwork by Curtis Clow (founder of Infinity Studios, Shards VOL. II/The Dragons Kin), line artwork by Mauro ManDalari (The Sensational G-Girl, Assassin’s Creed Awakening), future line artwork by Guillermo Fajardo (Breakfast Time Cereal Series Illustrations), and artwork and color by Harrison Yinfaowei (Captain Canuck, Karmic Agenda)

THE WILD COSMOS takes place in a future where humanity flies through the stars and inhabits multiple worlds scattered among the ever-expanding universe. The story follows Cooper, the captain of a group of smugglers. After leading his crew down the wrong path, he must now make a trade with murderous pirates in order to rescue what could be his last surviving crew-mate. In order to do so, Cooper must capture a mysterious girl, Zara, who is determined to get revenge on the people who destroyed her life. Zara’s dangerous reputation is known through the galaxy and Cooper must traverse a series of dangerous adventures to capture Zara and save the life of his crew-mate.

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