Making friends with… Brooding Muse!

“The Brooding Muse is a mysterious webcomic universe for old school black and white horror comic fans. Illustrated by Nik Poliwko and Earl Geier featuring heavy hitting skateboards, and hard charging clothing and gear ripped right out of the pages of the comic.”

Every now and then, I log into my Pullbox email and find a surprise… In the case of entrepreneurs and aspiring webcomic creators Jen & Patrick, it was a feeler sent out to see if their website could get some play here in our little corner of the interwebz. After some bouncing around at, everyone here at theBox decided it was a pretty sound ‘yes’.

First, lemme just point out that Jen & Patrick aren’t just webcomic creators… The majority of their website features merchandise aimed at the skateboarding community, everything from boards, to clothing, and of course smartphone cases. Full disclosure, my only experience on a skateboard was back when I was about 10. I was gonna hop on and be a “hotdogger” (I think that’s the vernacular the kids are using, but I could be a little behind the times), my name living forever in the history books. The reality was that I stayed on for about five seconds and fell. Hard. When I came to (eye witness accounts had me out cold for about a minute), I was swiftly informed by my mother that I wouldn’t be getting on “that damn thing” ever again.

No worries, I made a full recovery. I also gave up my dreams of being a world famous skateboarder…

Now, you may be wondering just what it is that any of this has to do with thePullbox’s normal content. And here’s where I tell you about the pretty slick webcomic to be found at Inspired by the couple’s love of the classic horror comics of the 60’s & 70’s like Eerie & Creepy magazines, the duo had it in their minds to bring them back.

Helping them out with the illustrating are artists Nik Poliwko & Earl Geier. The two have put together some outstanding work, very much in keeping with the classic horror comic look. Their artwork can be found all over the Brooding Muse website, not only on the comic itself, but also on pretty much all of the merchandise.

Swing over to, & take a look around. If you’re a fan of horror comics, skateboarding, or happen to have one of those smartphones, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye.

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