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Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon #2 (BOOM! / Kaboom – Olson / Fabert / Williams)Marceline and Simon set off on their question to make amends for Simon’s actions as the Ice King and find themselves at their first stop…the Nightosphere! But as Marceline knows too well, relying on Hunson Abadeer always comes with a catch. Written by Olivia Olson, the voice of Marceline!

From the creator of Cartoon Network’s hit show, Adventure Time, comes KaBOOM’s Adventure Time:Marcy & Simon #2. Now that Pendleton Ward’s first adventurous saga has come to close, it is time for a new one to begin. This time, the heroes of our story do not consist of a talking dog and a human boy. Instead, they are my favorite duo from the show, Simon and Marceline. They must make up for lost time and attempt to right all of wrongs that Simon’s old personality, Ice King, created. Their first stop is the sinister Nightosphere, home of Marcy’s oldest nemesis, her father, Hunson Abadeer. Will they have what it takes to make up for Ice King’s previous mistakes? One of my favorite parts of this comic is the authentic Adventure Time feel that only BOOM! Studios’ all-star crew can capture. This time the crew includes a new writer, none other than the voice of Marcy herself, Olivia Olson. BOOM! Studios always does a fantastic job of recreating and continuing the stories that didn’t get finished or that audiences wanted more of, and this is no exception. As always, for any comic coming from the genius minds at KaBOOM, the art flows perfectly together with the writing and takes the reader on a radical adventure!

The story includes themes, ideas and references to the old show that only true fans would catch and understand, but it also presents a clear fun tale for those who have not immersed themselves in the epic trilogy that is Adventure Time. Fans were greatly saddened about the cancellation of the show. Many thought that there were too many loose ends, but once again BOOM! Studios gives fans what they have been waiting for. This storyline features some of their most popular characters in a brand new tale. Throughout the show there several different duos, and Simon and Marcy were one of the many that drew the viewers in by using a complex yet relatable relationship. Before turning into the Ice King, Simon was a sweet man with a magical crown who took care of the young Marceline throughout the years, and later it was the other way around. In this comic, we get to see the antics of Simon to while he and Marcy try and undo what he has done. While most fans know about what mistakes he made because they are references to the show, like mentioning Marcy’s song about french fries, but new fans will just this see this as a way to build in the storyline. Olson seems to use this as a special reminder that long-time fans like me are appreciated. The story feels very sentimental for dedicated fans, but is also a intriguing new encounter for those just diving in.

Something else that I absolutely loved about this comic was that Simm Fabert allowed the art to stay true to the original while still fitting in with the rest of the BOOM! Studios’ comics. Sometimes when there are continuations of a smash hit, the new interpretations of it spin way off course from the original, giving a new take on something that fans didn’t necessarily want in the first place. When it comes to a show that may hold nostalgia to some, recreating it may not be the correct approach to bring an audience in. However, with help from Olivia Olson, there was no doubt that the comic would hold true to the original. One of my favorite parts of the original art is the the simplicity, and towards the end, the show of the characters’ progression and evolution. The use of a range of color schemes allows the reader to know how they should be reacting. As a visual artist, sometimes I like the art more than the story itself, but in this case I found both to be amazing.

This comic is great for those who don’t know the storyline, as well as older hardcore fans like me. The art is amazing as always, and it is always fun to see old storylines brought back to life by the creators and character themselves. It is a great comic and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great adventure!

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