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This new project out by Morgan Quaid looks amazing – check out the kickstarter here! twitter here!

This looks Amazing!

blurb from the kickstarter page – In the universe of Idle Thuggery, Super-villains aren’t always “evil” and heroes aren’t always “good”. Just because you’re a superhero with bullet-proof skin, doesn’t mean that you won’t get cancer, or that the press won’t rake you over the coals for racially insensitivity remarks. You might be an arch-villain, but you’re multinational conglomerate also provides medicine to refugees in war-torn countries and your bio-tech research has substantially reduced the prevalence of childhood disease in many parts of the world. Heroes can be bastards and villains can be prone to random acts of kindness.

Idle Thuggery is an attempt to pull back the curtain and take a look at what goes on behind the scenes of a typical arch-villain enterprise; to see the bags under the superhero’s eyes and walk a day in the life of those unsung (and frequently death-prone) members of villainy; the henchmen.

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