C2E2: Dodles Creative Social Suite

dodles, the new social media app, empowers users to bring their work to life quickly through breakthrough innovation in illustration, animation, and collaboration.

We believe that everyone has their own unique way to create.

And those creations have value!

dodles is building an expansive social network around creativity, enabling unprecedented abilities to collaborate in real time!

dodles is set to revolutionize the process of creating animated messages and memes, interactive comics, stories, games and more. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to make the next viral meme or the professional looking to produce interactive advertising, dodles allows you to quickly accomplish your goals and its “freemium” pricing model expands the platform with your growing needs.

Animation & Illustration

dodles has revolutionized the computer animation process!

Built around simplicity, design speed and functionality, the illustration suite adds a fresh twist to the traditional brushes, shapes, fonts, and image editing found in many creative suites.

dodles adds to illustration a powerful and innovative suite for animation.

Central to this is Canimations: a breakthrough, pre-canned approach to instant animation with “intelligent objects” that have preset functionality.

Just drag, drop and animate!

Collaboration & Marketplace

Collaboration exponentiates beauty!

The dodles marketplace allows creators to design their own projects using the work of other artists.

Artists can promote, post and sell their work in the Marketplace by licensing original characters, objects, scenes, sounds, and more.

Dodles helps artists protect their intellectual property by creating a timestamp for each asset and by crediting the original author with a tag that follows licensed content throughout the system.


To maximize the collaboration capability, Dodles has gone through significant technical hurdles to maintain high performance across iOS, android, and web browsers.

All work can easily be shared on other major social media platforms.

Website: dodl.es

The dodles story…

Dodles’ president and co-founder, Craig Doriot, has a strong history of successful technology startups.

While working on his computer science degree at Florida Atlantic University, he partnered with classmate Carlos Cardona on a number of tech ventures, most notably search portal Yupi Internet (1996), which quickly became a major international player in the Hispanic search engine market. Yupi raised over $150 million in capital through funding from the likes of Sony and Comcast, but struggled after a failed IPO during the dotcom bubble crash of 2000, eventually selling in a joint purchase by Microsoft and Telmex (Mexico).

The bubble crash also cut off funding and effectively ended Mr. Doriot’s fledging Spanish-market auction website, Subasta.com.

Struggling after his lower class of shares were eliminated in the sale of Yupi, Mr. Doriot left the tech market for several years, but came back in 2002 as an employee of Fresh Water Systems. There he led the rapid turnaround of its website initiative from a costly expense with low prospects to a very lucrative, independent spinoff company that is thriving today.

After marrying in 2004, Mr. Doriot returned to Wisconsin, where he and his father-in-law founded mortgage search engine, LoanSifter. LoanSifter launched in 2006 as a subprime search shortly before the subprime market imploded, but LoanSifter successfully pivoted to prime mortgage banking through leading technical innovation that resulted in 30 quarters of consecutive growth, ending with its sale in December 2013.  In 2010, Doriot was recognized as one of 40 most influential leaders in the mortgage industry under the age of 40 by National Mortgage Professional Magazine.

Mr. Doriot came to rely on Joie Pirkey as his closest advisor in helping him overcome the business challenges he faced at LoanSifter and through whom came the vision for Dodles, where Pirkey serves as Executive Vice President. Dodles is positioning itself to become a leader in social media through patentable technology breakthroughs that focus on creative in illustration, animation, and gaming.

Design of Dodles began during the summer of 2015 through its partnership with UXPath (St Louis), and the development and operations have been ramping up to date through proceeds from the sale of LoanSifter since September of 2015.  Dodles is looking to crowdfund the remaining development so that it can launch beta in July of 2017.

On a personal level, Craig Doriot has worked hard to overcome many obstacles such as Asperger’s Syndrome, and credits faith in God for his many successes. He and Frederica are raising four children in the Fox Valley (WI), and he has helped in the forming of Wellspring at the Cross, a non-denominational church in Combined Locks where he has been serving as an overseer the past several years.


We are excited to share with others this vision for the future of social media interaction!  We are seeking supporters through Kickstarter to help us finish. With two million dollars invested thus far by its founder, dodles is now over 80% complete and we are engaging the community to assist us in finishing the task of bringing dodles to market.

After dodles wrote the Kickstarter video script, Image Studios’ Aaron Randerson led filming and production with the assistance of Gabriel Rybicki (Madison Motion) for animation and Jerry Chapa (Chapa Design) for creative direction. Dave Fiorazo from Q90 added his acting skills to the rest of the dodles team in a humorous role as the staff psychiatrist who attempts to demonstrate that dodles can solve “literally” every problem life throws at us, including unwanted girlfriends, overbearing parents, and work conflicts. Our Kickstarter Campaign launched 3/14/17.

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