Pullbox Reviews: The Invisible Lesbian

Invisible Lesbian CoverThe Invisible Lesbian (GN)
Writer:  Murielle Magelin
Art:  Sandrine Revel
Translated from French by: Edward Gauvin

Oceanerosemarie has been attracted to women since she was young. For some reason, no one believes she’s a lesbian, not even other lesbians. Is she too feminine? She does love women, but she also loves lipstick and pretty flowery dresses. 
Going from a women’s soccer club to the ultra-trendy nightclub “Le Pulp”, she explores and decodes the stereotypes associated with lesbians, and she doesn’t spare the heteros either!

Murielle Magelin tells the story of Oceanerosemarie, a story so real to life that you’d think you were eavesdropping on the conversation of two friends as they empty a few bottles of wine at a really chic French bistro, all white tablecloths and dappled sunshine.  The reader discovers Ocean’s sexual journey, from the time when she inappropriately coupled her Barbie dolls, through self-discovery, dating, and finding real love.  It’s a masterfully written story, to the point that you’re disappointed when it ends.

If the words tell a wonderful tale, it is vividly illustrated and colored by Sandrine Revel.  Revel’s artwork is whimsical, pretty and expressive, all beautifully rendered.  You truly felt as though you were dropped in some idealized part of France, although the story could take place in any cosmopolitan city.   I loved each vulnerable, tough, flirty character that danced across the page.

Delightfully open and willing to show the fun, the flirty and the disheartening side of relationships, this is a book that women of any sexual orientation can read with understanding and a big smile.  You guys should check it out too – a good insight to the inner-workings of the feminine mind.  One of the ten best books I’ve read this year.

Invisible Lesbian first page
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