Pullbox Previews: Jirni Vol 2 #2

JIRNI vol 2 #2

JT Krul – Story / V Ken Marion – Art / Juan Fernandez – Colors

Her perilous quest resumes!

As Ara continues her voyage across the seas, she comes to know more about her guide – Captain Boro. But, any bonding between them is interrupted when an ancient evil rises from the depths – intent on destroying them all. Boro’s men have heard many tales of the fabled mermaids, but when it comes to legends, sometimes the truth is far more terrifying than the myth!

Creator J.T. Krul, artist V Ken Marion, and colorist Juan Fernandez are proud to present the follow-up volume to Aspen’s smash hit series – JIRNI!

JIRNI vol 2 #2 is in stores September 16th, 2015!

01_Jirni-v2-02 02_Jirni-v2-02 03_Jirni-v2-02 JirniVol2-02a-Marion JirniVol2-02b-Gunderson JirniVol2-02c-Andolfo

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