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Farlaine The Goblin: Book #4 (Studio Farlaine)Farlaine the Goblin journeys into The Twistlands, a land overrun with twisters and tornadoes of every shape and size! Not the kinda place to find a forest, but when a twister grabs his tree, Farlaine has no choice but to chase after it.

Just a month or so ago, I was reorganizing my collection (sort of stress reliever for old time comic geeks like me) and I had come across Farlaine #1-3 . I re-read them all on the spot. Almost 2 hours later, I was once again refreshed and amazed by the fantasy world that Studio Farlaine had created. In a modern pop culture that is ruled by video-game cross promotions and Minion-esque trends (no offense to the little yellow guys), Farlaine the Goblin comes across as a tale of true substance and a story you want your children to dream of.

Farlaine and his quest to find his place in the world (and some good soil for his tree) is nothing less than the true epic essence of the classic heroic fairytale. It is a yarn filled with adventure and thrills while being driven by purpose and character. The reader cannot help but emotionally jump on board and take each step with Farlaine as he searches for where in The Oddlands he belongs. In the latest book “The Twistlands”, Farlaine and his robotic friend Ehrenwort once again find themselves in a strange land having to figure out new norms and values – while holding on to who they are and what is important to them.

When you add together the excellent art and book layout, the precise story structure, the layering of light-handed morals of valuing a culture different than your own, the emphasis on the treasure of true friendship and finally characters that you will straight out love… This is a must have for readers of all ages!!!

Grade: A

The Bottom Line: The reasonable comparison for a series of this quality is Jeff Smith’s Bone


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