Pullbox Previews: Critter #2


Tom Hutchison – Story / Fico Ossio – Art

The newest re-mastered debut from Aspen’s Big Dog Ink imprint continues! College life may be a little more interesting when you have superheroes as guest speakers, yet there’s nothing better than slipping into your own superhero costume and heading out on an evening patrol at the beach – or so you’d think. Featuring re-mastered content, an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Critter, creator commentary and more! Don’t miss out on the second of Aspen’s all new BDI launch titles with the return of CRITTER!

CRITTER #2 is in stores August 12th, 2015!

Critter-02a-Ossio-Prev Critter-02b-Zayatz-Prev Critter-02c-RET-Ruffino-Prev Critter-02d-Con-Marion01-Critter_02-Aspen 02-Critter_02-Aspen 03-Critter_02-Aspen 04-Critter_02-Aspen

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