Kickstarter: Pumpkinface Origins!

4d0ec8819ca11427b71741cddcc1508b_largePumpkinface – Origins
This Halloween a new name in horror slashes his way onto the comic book scene in Pumpkinface – Origins.
The kickstarter campaign for the project is now live!
Pumpkinface – Origins is a dark, twisted, psychological slasher set in Edwardian era Edinburgh.
A broken man in an asylum under the care of Dr. Lutwitdge, Jack recounts the story of his murdered family in hope of finding clues to their killer.
As his treatment continues, the line between fantasy and reality is blurred and Jack falls further behind the mask in an attempt to find the truth
and avenge his wife and daughter’s deaths.
Writer Graeme Buchan created Pumpkinface for a short film at Halloween a few years ago. The character was then supposed to have his own comic book but became part of the Creepy Scarlett series as a mysterious sidekick of the main villain. Finally the origins of Pumpkinface are revealed in this Halloween special
exclusively on kickstarter. Rewards include original inked pages from the book and custom built Pumpkinface Lego figures.
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