Pullbox Reviews: Star Wars #17

Star Wars #17 ( Dark Horse Comics – Brian Wood / Hugonnard-Crety / Bert / Eltabe)

“As Princess Leia and her prince prepare for their wedding day on Arrochar, the uneasy feeling among the Rebels—especially Han Solo—grows. Meanwhile, Luke, on an alpine mission with local troops, discovers the Alliance’s new “friends” aren’t so friendly!”

Let it never be said that Brian Wood and company never build drama and tension without a payoff. It may have taken a few issues or straight dialog to build up to this point, but now that we’re here…BOOM goes the dynamite!

We see Luke Skywalker communicating with a Ben Kenobi and being a superb fighter, a Han Solo who starts to show his concern for Leia, and a Leia Organa who is willing to give up everything for the good of the rebellion. All of these things we know, but to see them again, and in this all new situation just makes the geek in me all giddy.

Writing and art remain solid, but I want to highlight the art for a second.  It can’t be easy taking a well known cast, with familiar faces, change them up, and still have people love it. But even though Han doesn’t look like Harrison Ford, it doesn’t matter. It still feels  like the Han Solo we all know and love.

Bottom Line: You haven’t read a comic with the original Star Wars heroes this good in a long time.

Grade: A

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