Dynamite Entertainment expands contract with Dean Koontz

Dynamite Entertainment announced yesterday their agreement with New York Times Bestselling author Dean Koontz to extend and expand upon their existing publishing contract with him. The agreement covers three properties in graphic novel format:

All new illustrated stories will be coming from Dean Koontz and Dynamite on each of the three properties.  Exact details on publication plans and dates will be shared at a later date.

In additional news, Dynamite also announced it is further building its longstanding relationship with the literary icon, and is in discussion with Dean Koontz regarding publishing work based on 3 brand new original Koontz properties.

Under the deal currently being discussed, the 3 original properties are being created exclusively for Dynamite, straight from the mind of Dean himself.  Each property will have at least 3 graphic novels published, to create a full program around the new work.

More info on each of the new properties will be announced at a later date.   Stay tuned for more details…

“Dynamite Entertainment lives up to its name: a highly charged company full of wonderfully creative people. It’s a pleasure to work with them, and I look forward to going to new and fascinating worlds with them,” said Dean Koontz.

“Working with the entire team at Dynamite continues to be a pleasure,” stated Nancy Cushing-Jones, Dean Koontz’s representative for comic book and graphic novel rights. “Both Dean and I look forward to continuing our relationship with Dynamite over the next several years.”

“It’s extremely exciting to expand our agreement with Dean.  We have a fantastic relationship, and have been able to release adaptations of his work to date.  We’re honored that Dean is happy with these releases and is allowing us to now create new stories with his full involvement.  Dean is overseeing each story beginning with plotting out new stories, choosing each writer and artist, and reviewing every stage of the creative process.

And even more exciting, Dean will be working with us to take our relationship to a new level.  We’re creating new characters, in new universes, from the ground up and introducing them to Dean’s dedicated fans.  This is an exciting new chapter in our working relationship with Dean, and we couldn’t be happier,” said Dynamite CEO/Publisher Nick Barrucci.


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