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Furious #4


    If you’re not excited about issue #4 of Furious, then you haven’t been paying attention: From where we last left off, things are about to heat up in a number of ways that thrust Cadence Lark into the spotlight. Thus far we’ve been privilege to Cady’s story as she struggles to redeem herself from the drunken spiral at the tail end of her time in the sun – witnessing glimpses of the pressure her father exerted over her and the tragic loss she and he suffered even further back in her story.

Issue 4 picks up with a phenomenally heavy scene where we get a glimpse at just how little exprience “The Beacon”/”Furious” has in what she’s attempting to accomplish. Sure, we’ve seen her stumble, struggle with her powers, and flail about in those sorts of ways but the opener here really highlights the weight behind how that inexperience can affect actual people. The best part? If you pick up your copy of Issue #1 you can actually see it all unfolding to the point where this scene picks up! I’m a huge fan of being able to pick up old issues and discover new things that tie together; It’s the sort of foresight and depth that shows not only is Glass a gifted storyteller, but that he’s invested in the story. That moment when you really get a feeling of how the story was meant to pull together is one of those amazing moments in comics that pull you through the moment and leave you waiting in desperation for the next issue to come.

But the weight of this issue is in more than just that opening scene! This issue is veritably packed with meaningful development that ropes the story together while advancing Cady as a character – and it is no easy task painting a Lohan-esque drunken diva in a favorable light; it’s an archetype that we are programmed to loathe without consideration for the circumstances that lead a human being to spiral out of control. Sure, I’m willing to bet in the vast majority of those situations the reason is too-much-money and too-little-accountability, but after reading Furious I can’t help but wonder.

Complicate that with the emergence of Perfidia, and. . . Oh, you don’t think I’d spoil that, do you?

Go pick up issue #4, and we can complain about how badly we can’t wait for issue #5 together.

Grade: A

– Myke

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