C2E2 panel: MARVEL – Original Sin

C2E2 panel: MARVEL – Original Sin

Featuring: Executive Editor Mike Marts, Senior Editor Nick Lowe, Editor Jordan White, James Robinson and Mark Waid

  • Original Sin is Marvel’s first “Murder Mystery” Cross-over – “Who Killed the Watcher?”
  • Original Sins is the anthology book dealing with the memories of the Watcher (flashbacks)
  • The emphasis of the series is on why the Watcher did what he did
  • The tie-ins to mainstream series will be different in that the tie-ins are contained within the series you are reading and you will not need to read the entire main series to know what is happening in your series – here are the tie-in details:
  • Amazing Spider-Man
    • Peter was not the only one bit by that radioactive spider – another girl was also – her name is Silk
    • Where has she been and what has she been doing?
  • All-New Invaders
    • They had a chance to end WWII without having Hiroshima happen – why didn’t they?
  • Fantastic Four
    • Reed and Johnny botched up the best cure for Ben years before and have never talked about it
    • Ben Grimm will become a murderer
  • Hulk vs Iron Man
    • Tony Stark and Bruce Banner have become “science Bros”
    • Their origin are tied together
    • Tony is in a race to find answers before Bruce
    • Concept: “True Science Detectives”
  • Daredevil
    • Matt Murdock finds out why his mom (Sister Maggie) really left him when he was a child
    • The revelation will change Daredevil’s motivation
  • Avengers
    • Captain America will find out that Dr. Strange and the Illuminati have been wiping his memories – Watch out!
  • Infinite Avengers
    • Involves the cosmic characters (Hyperion, Starbrand, etc.)
  • Uncanny X-Men
    • The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier involves a deep dark secret
  • Deadpool
    • We will figure out what really happened to Wade’s family
    • Deadpool will be fighting a lot of vampire – his new bride’s nemesis is Dracula
    • Deadpool wants to team up with Dazzler and she shuts him down and wants nothing to do with him
    • Deadpool then time travels to the 70’s “When Dazzler was more fun and helpful”
  • Nova
    • This series will deal with the secret of Sam’s dad, the creation and the responsibilities of the Black Novas (The black ops division of the Nova Corps)
    • Sam’s truest friend is the Watcher and is really pissed when he is murdered
  • Mighty Avengers
    • 70’s flashback story revolving around Blade, Luke Cage’s dad and Blue Marvel
  • Loki / Thor
    • Thor and Loki have a sister – Angela
    • This series will revolve around where she came from and what is the 10th realm.
    • This will change the Asgardian story on the Marvel Universe
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