Kickstarter: Scarlett & The Seal of Solomon

I have read some of Graeme Buchan’s previous work – outstanding – this is one to support! Scarlett Kickstarter HERE


In 1920’s New York a race is on to gain control of the recently discovered seal of Solomon. A 28 page Creepy Scarlett tale.

The cover and first pages for the book will be revealed next week. I’ve also added a special American reward for those who live in the USA! Also a new £20-£25 reward is to be added soon.

The artist is Mangolang Ramlan –

The colourist is Nicolas Chapuis –

Creepy Scarlett is an epic adventure centred around the tale of a cemetery dwelling, quirky, candy loving, ass kicking heroine and her only friend, Mr. Ted, a stuffed toy bear. The mysterious Scarlett has been chosen to protect a series of mythical and powerful artifacts as various groups attempt to seize and control legendary items such as the seal of Solomon and the emerald of Lucifer. Featuring a massive array of colourful characters and stories. Creepy Scarlett does not conform because life is not a genre!

Welcome to the Scarlett & The Seal of Solomon comic book campaign. A brand new tale from the world of Creepy Scarlett. Set in the early 1920’s the discovery of the seal of Solomon ring sparks a race to control it’s powers. Introducing a host of new characters and featuring returning characters such as Trixie Von and Vincent and a few surprise appearances. Scarlett & the seal of Solomon takes us from the small town of Sunnyville into the roaring twenties and onto the mean streets of New York!

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