Original Sin! – Everybody has one – What’s Yours? 8 teasers from Marvel!

This May, the secrets of the Marvel Universe stand revealed in ORIGINAL SIN – an 8-part blockbuster comics event from the critically acclaimed creative team of Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato! Today, Marvel is proud to unveil 8 new jaw-dropping variant covers for this epic event from some of the hottest talent in the industry – including Steve McNiven, Mike McKone, Butch Guice and more!

On the moon, the dead body of Uatu, The Watcher has been discovered. His home ransacked. Looted of its valuable alien technology. But something far more dangerous was taken. The Watchers eyeball – which has borne witness to every event and every secret in the history of the Marvel Universe now rests in the hands of his killer. Secrets that are about to get out.                                                                                                               

Who holds the eye? It could be anyone – even one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes. Each cover, gorgeously rendered by some of the top talent in the industry features a different Marvel hero in possession of the Watcher’s dangerous and mysterious eye. But which hero (or villain) is behind his murder?

Everyone is a suspect – and no one is safe!

Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on these hotly-anticipated variant covers, as Original Sin continues to garner mainstream media buss. No fan can afford to miss out on the blockbuster comic event of the year whenOriginal Sin hits comic shops this May!

Everybody has one. What’s yours? This is Marvel’s ORIGINAL SIN!

Original_Sin_1_Teaser_Variant Original_Sin_2_Teaser_Variant Original_Sin_3_Teaser_Variant Original_Sin_4_Teaser_Variant Original_Sin_5_Teaser_Variant Original_Sin_6_Teaser_Variant Original_Sin_7_Teaser_Variant Original_Sin_8_Teaser_Variant

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