Zenescope Soliciations – November!

Grimm Fairy Tales #91
Written by Troy Brownfield
Covers By Pasquale Qualano, Emilio Laiso, Vincezo Cucca

Still reeling from the events of last issue, Sela struggles to cope with the revelation that the man she thought she loved is a Highborn villain. Confronting him only makes matters worse and she is torn and confused on whether she should fight him or join him on his mission to cure humanity of its penchant for greed.

OZ #4
Written by Joe Brusha

Covers by Ken Lashley, Mike Capprotti, Richard Ortiz, Paolo Pantalena, Ale Garza

As Dorothy continues her quest for the Veridian Scepter, things go from bad to worse for her and her companions. After becoming the Wicked Witch’s prisoner, Dorothy learns that torture and torment are the least of her worries. The Witch has grand plans for Dorothy and her crew… and not all of them will survive!

GFT Hunters: The Shadowlands TPB
Written by Raven Gregory & Pat Shand
The prelude to the biggest Grimm Universe event is here! Roman, Helsing, Masumi, Elijah, and Sela are the greatest monster hunters the world has ever known. That is until they all find themselves trapped in another dimension…a place of horror known only as the Shadowlands! The scariest Grimm Fairy Tales collection yet is collected here in this fantastic trade paperback!

New Releases for 11/20
Wonderland  #17

Written by Raven Gregory
Covers by Richard Ortiz, Pasquale Qualano, Nei Ruffino

Dark Cheshire and the New Mad Hatter Return! Calie and Violet’s search for answers to defeat the realm of madness leads them back to the site of the original “EXPERIMENT” that opened the first portal to Wonderland. But the answers they find may prove to be too much as a startling decision is made that will change Wonderland forever. Meanwhile, the Dark Cheshire and the new Mad Hatters’ search for Calie and Violet lead them to the foster home of the suicide king, who is attempting to learn to lead a normal life. Unfortunately, he will learn that there is no Escape From Wonderland.

New (11/27) #1 Issue!
Quest #1 (Embargo Date: 11/21)
Written By Pat Shand
Cover By Anthony Spay, Emilio Laiso, Giuseppe Cafaro
A rogue princess named Aisling teams up with Blake, a fallen Wonderland knight, and Bolder, a dwarf banished from his home, in order to protect the realm of Myst from the dark shadows of its past. Journey with this ragtag team of disgraced warriors as they fight for redemption in a world that has forgotten them.
  • The events of the Age of Darkness begin here.

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