The Bone Queen is coming from Pro Se!

In 2011, Pro Se Productions, now a leading publisher of New Pulp and Genre Fiction, debuted a new character initially as a live spokesmodel to promote both the company and New Pulp in general-The Pulptress. Proving popular in the New Pulp Community, the Pulptress appeared in her own volume of adventures by various writers in 2012. One story and one character besides The Pulptress within that volume in particular captured the minds, tongues, and hearts of fans so completely that she now comes to life in her own digest novel.

Pro Se Productions proudly announces the upcoming release of THE BONE QUEEN, a digest novel by Andrea Judy. Judy, a contributor to the original THE ADVENTURES OF THE PULPTRESS collection, titled that short story ‘The Bone Queen’, but the new book is something more. It is that most hallowed of stories-The Bone Queen’s origin.

“Readers,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in Pro Se Productions and Editor in Chief, states,” love villains. We cheer for the hero, but when the villain is engaging and stands out, we want more. We need to see not only how bad they can be, but why they’re the all kinds of evil they are. THE BONE QUEEN is Andrea Judy’s answer to all the questions and requests about the character she first spun for a fight against The Pulptress. This digest novel not only gives the origin of one of the most interesting antagonists in New Pulp, but it shows how someone who fully believes they are right can so easily become what is wrong.”

From the Pages of THE PULPTRESS Comes A Villain Like No Other.

All of humanity shares one inescapable experience, one inevitable fate.

They all die.

And in death, one woman finds her destiny. To be a Villain, to stand toe to toe with the ultimate heroine, The Pulptress.

But first, evil had to rise from somewhere dark.

Renata, a devotee of Mene, Goddess of Death, is on a singular mission during the era of the Black Death: to kill the Necromancer who is bringing the dead back as chiffoniers, rag and bone men. With a small band of men who have survived the Plague, Renata must find who is attempting to steal away the power of death and destroy them once and for all. Chiffoniers dog them every step of the way.

And when death itself finally comes for Renata, everything changes. Once hunted, she becomes the hunter, tracking down the necromancer at any cost to herself and those around her.

May The Gods Help Us All.

I’ve always loved the villains in a story,” says Judy, “so I was thrilled to have the chance to tell a story from a darker point of view, showing the reader where a villain came from. It was a struggle at times to write, to remember that this wasn’t a story about light overcoming the dark, but about embracing that darkness. I’ve had an amazing time working with Pro Segetting this book together, and I’m thrilled to share it with the world!”

THE BONE QUEEN, featuring an absolutely gorgeous cover by Ariane Soares, an artist with Fitztown, and format and design by Sean Ali and Tommy Hancock as well as Digital Formatting by Russ Anderson, is now available in print on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The digest novel is also available for the Kindle, the Nook, and for most formats through

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Updated: November 3, 2013 — 6:45 pm

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