Sinbad #13 – City of The Dead Concludes!

Sinbad #13 (Zenescope – Wickline / Peeples / Studio Cirque)

Buried beneath the desert sands the mummy king Terrae Motus wears the crown of Annubis and rules the lost City of the Dead. Sinbad has come to the city, hoping to claim the crown which is one of the artifacts that make up the mysterious and powerful Jericho Visor that he needs to clear his name. But Terrae Motus has other plans for the captain and his crew and he has no intention of letting them take his crown or live to see the surface again! Don’t miss this exciting and action packed conclusion to the City of the Dead story arc!!

Zenescope‘s Sinbad continues to be a solid piece of evidence that a fantasy comic can work in the mainstream industry!

This is the final issue in the 6 part arc that brought Sinbad and his crew face to face with a earth-bending Mummy-Lord.  It was a great run, filled with both action and comedy.  This is the second arc of the series (ran issues 8-13), the readers were not only gifted with a very fast-paced and fun plot, but we also got a little bit more background on the crew and their loyal connections to their captain.

Dan Wickline has done a great job of exemplifying the fantasy genre to today’s readers and had universally pleased fans with his take of this literary icon.  An easy comparison I can make is that this is a comic book version of a good Bruckheimer Film – fun and well-worth the time!

The collected arc will be coming out soon – not a trade to missed if you haven’t been able to get a hold of these issues.

Issue Grade: A-

Series Grade: a fun-filled A

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Updated: November 17, 2010 — 12:11 pm

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