Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween Special 2010!

Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween Special #2 2010 (Zenescope – Gregory / Abreu / Rodrigues / Barreto / Embury / Elder / Balke)

The Anti-Twilight has arrived! When a group of friends attends a Vampire role-playing Halloween party hosted by Belinda they might be in store for a little more than just a little bit of fun… Groups of fake vampires mingle while one crew seems to be more than just a hoax. If you love Vampires and scares this is the Halloween edition you’ve been waiting for!

Yes, yes, yes, I know… a week late and I missed this for The Pullbox’s week of horror reviews.  But unfortunately there is only so much that can get read and done in a week.  But here we are with something very solid and wonderful to throw at you.  Last year for their Halloween special, Zenescope paid tribute to the Monkey’s Paw, this year they have given a whole issue to their take on the Twilight movement.

And yes, I found it very, very entertaining.

Raven Gregory (author) constructs a tale of young vampire role-players, a group of vampire wanna-bes, and a few who want to be a vampires so bad they will go to any length to become one… and perhaps at least one creature pretending not to be a vampire.  A well-told self-contained story all revolving around the Twilight craze.

As I have come to expect from Mr. Gregory, this was an exceptional story filled with pressure, tension and scares.  To accompany the tale is some brilliant art, kudos to the art team for taking the already above-average Zenescope standard higher.

Recently when I was at my local comic shop, there were a few fans who also enjoyed Zene-books, but were complaining about the cover price.  And while $5.99 is a heavy cover price, this Special is 40 pages of beautiful, glorious horrific fun.  Zenescope books do tend to have a higher than average price tag, but in my opinion they are worth it.  Given the quality of the art, the story and the book overall – Zenescope books are sort of the luxury sports cars of the comic book shelves.

The Bottom Line: Worth the price and a great gift for your favorite Twilight fan!

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: November 7, 2010 — 4:50 pm

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