Finding Nemo #4: A Great Ending!

Finding Nemo #4 (Boom Kids! – Smith / Raicht / Myler)

What’s the deep dark secret awaiting Dory within the mysterious depths of the ocean? Nemo, Marlin, Squirt, Bruce, Gil and Pearl explore the strange and creepy recesses in hopes of finding out what sinister secret lies in the unexplored areas of the deep.

Here’s a review from The Pullbox’s newest and youngest contributer –

Hey there, this is Emma, and I am going to talk to you about what I thought of the new comic book based on the Pixar movie Finding Nemo.  I’m a really big fan of Pixar movies, especially Finding Nemo. So I thought this was an opportune moment to see how the comic books compare to the movie.

The first thing I noticed was that the story started right after where the movie ended and it had a lot of the characters had come back from of the movie, but now having different roles now.  I really enjoyed the fact that Nemo and his dad connected back with their old friends, and didn’t put the blame on anyone (but the divers) for Nemo getting lost.  Details that stuck out to me as being very creative were Merlin taking the kids on a camping trip to become bay scouts, and that there were rules about how Dory is usually wrong. The little cliff hangers at the end of each issue were very engaging and made you want to read the next one to see what happens next which I thought was fantastic.

Now, the best comic would definitely be the fourth and final one because it had such a surprising ending. And how they try to figure out how stop the monster from eating other fish and how to rescue Dory from the monsters clutches. With the help from everyone in the group they come up with a very innovative plan that just might work. I thought this whole series was very good and the writing really showed the true characters of the film Finding Nemo.

As far as the art of the book, it was good enough for me to know who the characters were supposed to be, but it didn’t blow me away.

Grade: A

This comes out today!

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Updated: October 27, 2010 — 5:44 am

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