Alexander Anderson Jr. R.I.P.

“Hey Rocky, Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat” there was not a better running gag in all of cartoon-dom.    As a thirty eight year old, I know Rocky and Bullwinkle is always funny and that there is not a male alive who was not touched internally by the nefarious Natasha.  Thank you Mr. Anderson!

From –   The pioneering cartoonist, who had been suffering from Alzheimer’s, passed away at an assisted living facility in California.  The show spawned movie spin-offs including The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000) which starred Robert De Niro.  Before Rocky and Bullwinkle, Anderson worked on Mighty Mouse.  Anderson’s wife Patricia told the Associated Press news agency that the inspiration for Bullwinkle came from a dream he had where he was playing poker with some friends and a moose.  The character’s name came from a car dealership in Berkeley called Bullwinkel Motors, which Anderson had found funny at the time.  Anderson began his own company with college friend Jay Ward.  The duo worked out of a garage behind Anderson’s family home in Berkeley where they created Crusader Rabbit and his friend Rags the Tiger along with Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties and Rocky and Bullwinkle.  Crusader Rabbit was among the first animated series produced for television and aired on NBC in the 1950s.

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