We Kill Monsters – Must Have Trade!

We Kill Monsters TPB (Red 5 – Harkcom / Leone / Churilla)

Two unassuming auto repair shop owners are thrown into the role of hunters when a giant monster leaps from the shadows and infects Jake’s arm. Now requiring \”monster juice\” to survive, the brothers must become hunters and town-savers as the monster infestation grows.

In the spirit of GHOSTBUSTERS, from the creators of Sci-Fi TV’s \”Lost Room\” mini-series.

This is an awesome series and I was excited to read it all again in one sitting.  Action, Comedy, FUN! Imagine your favorite episodes of Buffy / Nagel – yea it’s like that!  $14.95 for 140 pages of incredible story and beautiful Churilla art!  Total no-brainer… order this from your local independentally-owned comic shop today!

Here was my interview with the creative team!

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Updated: July 2, 2010 — 11:18 am

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