DuckTales Reloaded… not Revamped!

Uncle Scrooge #392 (Boom Kids! – Halas / Anderson / Santillo / Mateu)

Life is, once again, like a hurricane here in Duckburg! So you know what that means… DuckTales are back! Gear up for adventure as one of the most cherished, fan-favorite Disney franchises explodes back onto the comics page this June! Join Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and of course Launchpad McQuack as they solve some mysteries and rewrite some history in an action-packed adventure never before seen in the US!

A have a flood of pretty happy memories when I hear the name DuckTales (and I can’t help but hear a little “woo-hoo” that follows too).  So, I was worried when I started speculating that the Boom! creators might be “updating” DuckTales.  I am still barely able to get over the “updating” that was Loonatics Unleashed.

As it turns out, my fears and trepidations were un-needed.  The team behind this book put out what I would consider a classically perfect issue.  A two-story issue that was clear and accessible for younger readers, and used the classic characters in their traditional roles for us older nitpickers.  Once again, I think that the decision tank at Disney that allowed their properties to be published at Boom! are able to be proud and sleep well.  The creative teams at Boom kids! are doing a work worthy of historic Disney logo.

Here’s for more adventures in Duckburg!

Issue Grade: B+

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Updated: June 10, 2010 — 9:14 am

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