Waid Keeps the pressure on with dual Tales of the Plutonian!

This week I will look at Mark Waid’s double dose of the Plutonian’s merciless Reign.  Starting with Irredeemable #11 – comes out tomorrow.

Irredeemable #11 (Boom! – Waid / Krause)

Discover more behind the winged behemoth known as Gilgamos, as the newly empowered Charybdis leads The Paradigm into their first real victory!

The majority of this issue is a flashback from Bette as she explains her “dark secret” to the demon Orian in exchange for her husband’s life.  She not only reveals that she is less than saintly, why the Plutonian had this obsession with her, but also why she alone has the secret to his weakness.  Mark Waid has the reputation as a writer that he has because simply put, he kicked butt at what he does.   Buddy from Cake Boss has got nothing on the layering that Mark Waid can do!

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I was totally enveloped into the book as she laid our her history.  She keeps uncovering more and more until she realizes she has said too much and a darker secret is revealed to Orian (who obviously has a little bit more insight into the situation than we do) and it does nothing but keep the fanboy firmly adhered to the plot.  Meanwhile, we have the Plutonian taking a resurrected Samsara (who is not what he appears to be) down memory lane and visiting one of the Plutonian’s  former foster homes.  They visit a family who was forever changed when an innocent and unknowing eight year old Plutonian squeezed a newborn brother too hard and made him into an invalid.  Why did Tony bring him here?  We don’t know, but I think this will explode in issue #12.

Issue grade: A

Incorruptible #3 (Boom! – Waid / Diaz)

In this new ongoing, the reformed supervillain Max Daring faces up against his oldest ally-in-crime, but this time the fate of a city is at risk! The flip side to BOOM’s break-out smash hit examining the hard, difficult road to changing your ways and making a difference in the world…

This came out last Wednesday and if Irredeemable is about revenge then Incorruptible is about redemption.  Max, Jailbait and Armdale spend the first part of the book cleaning house on the mad scientist Origin.  Then the issue switches gears and after informally setting up base at Armdale’s  house, Incorruptible starts to shadow the book it spun off from and the latter portion of this issue is also a flashback.  Max lays out how his turn about happened and how he went from a pit of self-loathing and almost releasing a plague upon the earth to becoming one of the only things that can stand up to the renegade Plutonian.  The story is well structured and the details are given at a perfect pace.   The bottom line is that it’s simply a tough book to put down.

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: February 23, 2010 — 1:03 pm

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