The Fourth and Glorious volume of Atomic Robo is out Today

Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1 (of 4) (Red 5 – Clevinger / Wegener / Pattison / Powell)

New York City, 1999. Atomic Robo has to wrap up some loose ends before jetting off to Japan for a business trip. Yup, just an average day at Tesladyne HQ where nothing bad can happen. Especially not The Revenge of the Vampire Dimension starring Atomic Robo, the force of nature known only as Jenkins, a ton of vampires, and Dr. Bernard Fischer on his very first day on the job!

The Sci-Fi pulp reign of Atomic Robo still remains unchallenged!  In this volume, Robo and the action scientists at Tesladyne take on an invasion of inter-dimensional vampires.  There really is not two ways about it, I don’t care who you are… what you enjoy… Atomic Robo is nothing short than spreadable awesome sauce impressively displayed in 32 pages!

The creative team behind Robo from Red5 is helping to define modern pulp.  It has hard hitting action inside a off-the-wall science-fiction scaffolding.  The synthesis between humor, drama and ridiculous fight scenes is masterful.  This fourth volume jumps right into the world of Robo through the fresh eyes of one Dr. Bernard Fischer.  Fischer is interviewing for a position at Tesladyne simply because his mom lives close.  During his interview, the dimensional barrier opens up and the vampires attack.  The entire issue is Fischer trying to catch up with Robo and the crew in the battle.  This also serves as a lens for new readers to get their feet wet and get acclimated in the Robo-verse.  As the issue closes down and victory is claimed (at least temporarily) by our protagonists, it would seem that Brian Clevinger (author) is going to take the readers on another non-linear trip all over the time line as he lays out the Robo’s big battle plans against the Vampire Dimension.  This is the same venture he took with the last volume and it was highly successful there.

The bottom line is that Atomic Robo is exactly was comic book should be – fun and exciting!

In stores TODAY!!!!

Grade: Family Friendly A+

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Updated: February 24, 2010 — 11:05 am

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