Boom!’s Dingo has a Pawful of Action and Mystery!

Dingo #1 (Boom! – Nelson / Biagini)

A bold new mini from the writer of the best-selling FALL OF CTHULHU and the critically acclaimed series HEXED! A supernatural crime story in the vein of 100 BULLETS — a man named Dingo who’s after only one thing: a box. And he’ll stop at nothing to obtain it, no matter how many bad men get in his way. But the real question is, what’s in the box? And why is Dingo willing to kill to get it back? A rough-and-tumble thriller with a hint of the unearthly and a pinch of something nasty…

One of Boom!’s heavy hitter, Michael Alan Nelson (28 Days Later, Swordsmith Assassin) lays out another intriguing story that immediately attracts the reader and makes them wish that they had next month’s issue already.

Dingo is our main character and is one of the best “go-to” guys out there, that for the right price will get whatever you need done, done.  And this series opens up on his quest to get back a family relic, “the box”, which his ridiculously rich rock star brother left in the trunk of a Ferrari that he sold.  The mysterious and mystic contents of the box are left unrevealed, but what we do know is that when it was opened it acted like a beacon for others that might want it… like Dingo’s evil succubus of an ex-wife (and she had the body and outfit to match the description).

While the book at first seems pretty straight forward in that action / adventure sort of way, like Vin Diesel could easily play the main character, factors are added – a quest for a mystical box, a giant monster dog, an ex-wife with glowing eyes – that give it a very supernatural and novel feel to it.  The reader has the distinct feeling that they aren’t necessarily in the part of town they know anymore.  Michael Alan Nelson lays out the set-up of this four part mini series is superb form reminding us why he one of the best independent writers out there!  Francesco Biagini’s sexy pencils (Dead Run) do a great job of framing in the main character’s point of view and walking the line between giving the details and setting an emotional atmosphere.

Issue Grade: A

Pullbox Warning: due to several female characters being uber-sexualized and one or two hard to explain situations, this is not a book for the middle schooler or younger.  Defineinetly an “R” rated story.

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Updated: December 4, 2009 — 12:36 pm

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