Beautiful Creatures makes Great Fun!

Beautiful Creatures #2 (of 2) (Red 5 – Wiebe / Jackson / Zigarelli)

Four beautiful college girls must unravel the mystery of the ancient mythic creatures living inside them. Their quest leads to a final showdown between the coeds and the minions of a power from the Dark Ages.

The first issue (reviewed here) saw our four “beauties” come to terms with the fact they are really reincarnated mystical creatures.  This issue has them take up the mantle of their mythical alter egos and battle their ancient enemy – the mad dark druid!

Okay, I know this plot sounds corny, cheesy and probably not for the kiddos at all.  But surprisingly it really works.  This is straight forward good vs evil type action.  Beautiful Creatures absolutely works for everyone in your family – the plot has strong enough details for the older readers to stay interested, and a straight forward enough plot to keep younger readers directed.

Even if in their past lives they terrorized villages and ate the the peasant’s sheep (yes one of the gals is a she-troll), the foursome is fighting for the side of good becasue it’s the right thing to do and end the cycle of evil.  There is a some funny one-liners injected in, but overall the issue is filled with action and fantasy-themed adventure.  The four protagonists walk away as strong female characters without any of the questionable behavior baggage they had in the first issue (drinking, promiscuity, etc.).  While I wouldn’t say it was weak art, there were pages and frames that were weaker than others.  As a whole, the combined artistic style of Ash Jackson and Frank Zigarelli comes across borderline cartoony and almost over-the-top with fantasy characatures – but it is perfect fit for a story like this.

The bottom line is that these two issues together (perhaps a trade?) makes for a solid and fun read for the whole family!  Comes out tomorrow!

Issue Grade: A-

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Updated: October 20, 2009 — 12:51 pm

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