28 Days Later #3 – This should infect your Pull List!

28 Days Later #3 (Boom! – Nelson / Shavely)

The film that changed horror forever continues here! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you did, if you are infected Selena will give no mercy. Selena teaches the rest of her team the cold, hard truth of what it takes to survive in the UK after the infection has spread. Will they learn? They must.

Over the last few years there have been plenty of comics based on sci-fi / horror movie franchises… Aliens, Predator, Star Wars, Evil Dead, heck there was even a Jumper comic not too long ago.  Some of them good. some of them not so good… but nothing in the last few years has been as engaging and as true to the cinematic vision as Boom!’s 28 Days Later series.

Michael Alan Nelson does an outstanding job of capturing the intensity, suspense and the overall “trapped” frenzied feeling that came from the original movie.  Issue #3 mostly takes place in one location, an old abandoned inn where the remaining members of the team are trapped and waiting for their boat to show up.  In the last ish, Hirsch got bit.  As of the first page here Selena wastes no time putting him out of his misery – all machete style, and well before anyone can react or argue.  Tensions were already running high given that they are facing off against the worst kind of zombies (fast moving) and now with a corpse in their midst, things are not much better.  You had the pressure-cooker from the exterior – which will get to the survivors first? the infected or the rescue boat? and now you have a pressure cooker from the interior – who will kill Selena first? the infected or the other team members? Without giving away too much, I can tell you that the team faces a possibly bigger threat once they actually get rescued. Drama, action and suspense… good to the last drop, if you enjoyed the movie.. hey you know what, even if you didn’t see the movie, but you are a zombie fan then the 28 Days Later series will blow you away!

Issue Grade: A

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