Booster Gold #22

Booster Gold #22 (DC – Giffen / Jurgens / Rapmund / Sturges / Norton)

“Day of Death” part 2! Booster Gold travels back in time to prevent the Black Beetle from killing the New Titans, but who will save Booster Gold from the Black Beetle — and what role will Deathstroke play?

And in the all-new Blue Beetle co-feature, Jaime must battle a flying robot army from destroying all of the people in El Paso!

This issue focuses in on how important Dick Greyson is to the DCU (perhaps overlooked quite a bit).  The battle between Black Beetle and Booster seem to just continually unravel time… unveiling themselves to a whole range of characters, shifting “soft spots” in the continuum and basically screwing stuff up.  Black Beetle – 100, Booster Gold – 0.

The issue ends in quite a calamity, Booster and the Titans defeated by Beetle and an 80’s Slade.  The issue is fairly solid, but a atad short due to DC’s second feature (Blue Beetle here).  Hint: if I didn’t buy the book, while would I want it at the end of a book I do buy?

issue grade: B

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:04 am

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