Beautiful Creatures #1

Beautiful Creatures #1 (of 2) (Red 5 – Wiebe / Jackson / Zigarelli)

They say we all have a monster lurking inside of us.

Four beautiful college girls uncover their secret passengers – mythic creatures of a long dead age. The surfacing of their true nature hurls them into a hidden world of awakening magic, wonder and monsters.

Canadian independent writer Kurtis Wiebe pens this fanboy fantasy – four beautiful international hotties who all have ancient souls and have powers that are linked to creatures of mythology and lore.  These picture-perfect ladies go from a night on the town and hanging out in the jacuzzi drinking to defending the earth from evil gnomes and trolls.

Yup, it’s that cool!

Wiebe, whose previous credits include Zap Girl, Below Zero and Snow Angel, weaves a fantastic tale.  Beautiful Creatures is pure fun!  It is part fantasy adventure and part romping tongue-in-cheek teen comedy – a great mix!  Ash Jackson delivers a great artistic frame that fits the story well, you might recognize his sexy cartoon style art from Eve, Vampire Diva.  Anything on either side of Jackson’s style (either too realistic or too caricature-like) who have undone this otherwise enjoyable yarn.

Even though the price tag is $4.95, this is a 50 page comic and well worth every cent!

Diamond order code of MAY091014… there now, you have no excuses 😉

Issue grade: A-

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Updated: July 21, 2009 — 5:30 pm

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