Wolverine #72

Wolverine #72 (Marvel – Millar / McNiven / Vines)

Logan and Hawkeye have finally reached their journey’s end, made it to New Babylon, and delivered Hawkeye’s secret cargo. But the completion of their mission has come with a great price…and Logan is out for revenge on the man responsible for the annihilation of the world’s super heroes, the President of the United States! Don’t miss the penultimate issue of the greatest Wolverine story ever told by modern masters MARK MILLAR and STEVE MCNIVEN! Part 7 (of eight)

Highly predictable but incredibly enjoyable!

A final summary of these days of future past lead up to Logan’s showdown with the Red Skull. Very iconic with Logan fighting with Cap’s shield. Steve McNiven is at his very best in this series. Watching Logan use the remnants of the Iron Man armor and Cap’s shield scores pretty high on the geek scale

Earlier in May, I wrote about the goofiness that Marvel was doing with the numbering and distribution of the Old Man Logan arc (here), so I went into this wanting to be angry, but by the final pages of the issue you can’t help but having your adrenaline pumping and cheering on Loga… I mean Wolverine. You can catch the last part of this arc in the Giant Sized Old Man Logan Special. Not to be mean, but anyone want to take bets when we will see this?

He traveled across the desolate landscape with Hawkeye to try to buy his family out of trouble. Logan just wanted to be a man of peace and be left alone. But trouble, in the form of the hulk’s offspring – sort of a gamma-radiated, red-neck, hillbilly mafia – came to find him. They gave him four weeks to come up with “protection” money – he faught off Venom, Doom, and the Red Skull to get it. He came home just to find out they collected early. His entire life is destroyed again. I’d hate to be on his list now.

Great story, great art – too bad the timing of the work is off – grade: A

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