Justice Society of America #27

Justice Society of America #27 (DC – Ordway / Wiacek)

The younger JSA team members find their headquarters in total lockdown – with The Flash, Green Lantern and Wildcat trapped inside! Can the junior JSA-ers break into their own home base? And what secret from the Atomic Age seeks retribution from the three founding members?

Well, it looks like the JSA will survive the post-Johns era. Jerry Ordway does a great job of piecing together pressure cooker. Obsedian, in hopes of avoiding a great tragedy, has encased the JSA headquarters with darkness trying to protect some of the senior members. Unfortunately, no one believes him.

The team works together to take Obsedian down (mostly Obsedian’s dad Alan Scott) only to find out that Obsedian was right and great evil is about to befall them. Psychic time-traveling bad guys take the readers back to DC’s Golden Era and we get the return of the Spectre!

all around, pretty good issue – glad to see the JSA moving away from 8-part arcs.

issue grade: B+

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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