The Dresden Files: Storm Front #4 – Good for a Fan

The Dresden Files: Storm Front #4 (Dabel Brothers Publishing – Butcher / Powers / Syaf / Mohn )

“Surrounded by enemies and distrusted by even his friends, Harry’s efforts to solve a brutal killing are complicated as he finds himself the leading suspect in the crime! Overseen by creator Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files: Storm Front brings the first bestselling Dresden Files novel to life. Storm Front is guaranteed to grab readers with its gripping blend of mystery and adventure!”

Here we have the end of Storm Front part one! Wait…what? this is split into two minis? After searching the websites of Dabel Bros., Jim Butcher, and the other comic review/news sites, I could find not evidence anywhere that this Storm Front was split. Now I can understand why Dabel did this. Storm Front is a big story that just can’t be contained in a 4-issue mini series, but why the deception? More on that after the review.

As for the comic itself, I enjoyed it. Harry starts the story in his usual fashion, by looking like a big wet sack of poo. I don’t know why, but the idea of the hard boiled decective who just can’t catch a break, or a shower, is highly entertaining. Having been through so much Harry got a little nap and totally forgot about the date he had set up with smoking hot reporter Susan Rodriguez, who shows up at Harry’s door in the middle of a thuderstrom. A few awkward moments later, Harry heads for hot shower when big frog deamon decides to come in and try to kill him and his date. Some magic spells later, which actually take up most of the book and is pretty cool, and the demon is gone.

While the ensuing battle was very enjoyable, especially with the banter and inner monolouge of Dresden, but the only realy story development here is that Harry knows the he’s a better wizard than the bad guy. Kind of let down all things considered.

Grade: B-

Now on to the some of my issues with Dabel Bros. But first I want to let it be known that Dabel Brothers is a company that I am extreamly excited about. ThePullBox has loved everything they have published thus far, with our current favorites being Dresden Files and The Warriors, and we’re very excited about the Wheel of Time whenever that comes out. That being said, the toubles with Dabel is that they just don’t seem to have it totally togeather as a publisher yet. Deadlines are not met (death for a small publisher), their website is in serious need to some updating and mantining. Guys like Neil Schwarts and Jason K are communicating with readers and trying to let us know that things are going to take shape and be awesome, and I trust that, but for a company that has one of the best selling trades right now (The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle) I’m just waiting for more.

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Updated: May 31, 2009 — 6:38 pm

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