Smallville: Turbulence (8.16)


Smallville: Turbulence

We’ll start with the lowdown:

– Open with Davis at confession.  He’s telling the priest he’s got inner demons. Scenes if David killing the dregs of Metropolis

– Clark is giving people hope by embracing being the Red Blue Blur.  Even taking Chloe’s advice from the last epp and keeping a secret identity.

– Jimmy is having a hard time dealing with his pain and predicament.

– Jimmy’s memory about the wedding attack is coming back.

– Jimmy, in search of pain meds, witnesses Davis kill a guy.

– Clark gets police updates on his Daily Planet computer

– Tess sets up Clark for his big break. The catch is he’s got to fly with her to LA

– Jimmy’s pain meds make it he can’t be trusted.

– Jimmy sees Davis kill a guy

– Jimmy escapes his room and finds the body and confronts Davis.

– Davis drugs Jimmy to make him hallucinate in a big way.  Not good for Jimmy

– Clark and Tess chat in the plane about Tess’s bad childhood.

– Tess confronts Clark about the room the Lex had with all his research on Clark.

– Tess radios the pilot and then the cockpit explodes (convenient). She lies to Clark about the parachutes and forces Clark to act, but not before rendering unconscious.

– Clark grabs Tess and jumps, not flies, out of the plane.

– Jimmy takes down Davis and confronts him when he comes to

– Chloe shows up and just her touch keeps Davis from changing into Doomsday

– Tess thanks Clark, but catches him in a lie when she asks about the parachutes.

– Chloe and Clark have a disagreement about Tess and what she’s really up to

– Ominous warning from the nurse about the meds Jimmy will be on. Highly addictive and he’s going to be self medicating.

– Jimmy breaks it off with Chloe in the middle of the hospital

– Jimmy put Tess on Davis’s trail

– Clark changes in a Daily Planet phone booth!!!

– Tess paid off a cop to set up a false emergency report

– Jimmy takes double the daily dose of meds and speeds off

– Davis stands outside Chole’s window in the rain as a rock ballad plays.

Another very good episode for Smallville!  Where it seemed like it may have started kind of flat, it ends with huge developments in plot.  Tess is on Clark’s trail, Davis discovers the only way to control Doomsday is to commit murder or be with Chloe, Jimmy is losing it, and Clark is pretty much in Superman mode but without the classic costume.

In last weeks issue of Entertainment Weekly, they lt it out that Smallville season closer will be the death of a major character. At first I thought for sure it would be Chloe, because she’s the only character who’s not in Superman cannon.  But after some more thought I think it’s going to be Clark.  They have Doomsday, the only Man of Steel killer there is, and Clark is in full hero mode.

Grade: A-

Next week we get to see Zattana and Chloe opens The Watchtower*


* The Watchtower is the name of the Justice League’s headquarters.

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