Walking Dead Alive and Kicking

Walking Dead #57 (Image – Kirkman / Adlard)

Last issue, Abraham saved Rick’s life but deep inside him, he tried to kill him. There’s a dark secret in Abraham’s life. Meanwhile, Rick decides to visit his home town and gather some supplies before going to Washington. Abraham agrees to go with him and Carl. But they came across with a group of monsters, that were very alive.

Everything Robert Kirkman touches is not gold. I’m not one of those guys.

However, he is a premiere talent in this industry, and Walking Dead the jewel in his crown. The quality of Walking Dead is never in doubt. It is one of the most consistent, quality books out there. Sometimes the stories go too far for me, overall it is the strongest currently running storyline out there. 5 years of Zombies. 5 years of adding to Zombie Mythos and Comic Book lore. Who would have thought. 5 years of quality, consistent story telling. 57 issues years of being a ‘first read’ kind of book. 5 years, when other titles can barely, sustain themselves or make sense over 12 issues. That’s why you should read this book. Some plots were slower than others, some a bit more corny, some a bit too graphic, but nothing so far out that would tarnish the reputation of the book.

And issues 57 is a fine example of the roller coaster ride of expectation Robert Kirkman uses and relies on to keep this book engaging. In issue 56 a pissed off, barely able to contain himself, Abraham takes advantage of a zombie attack on Rick to try and shoot Rick in the back. Of course, Abraham ends up killing the zombie and saving Rick. Everyone thinks he’s a hero…only we know he’s a time bomb waiting to go off…

And then issue 57 comes along, Rick and Abraham head off together on a quick side mission…alone. You’ll just have to pick up the issue to find out why it’s so good. And while you’re at it grab issue 56 also. And then since you won’t be able to stop you’d better get the trade paperbacks 1 through 9. Get some coffee, you’ll be up late tonight, not shaking in your boots, but unable to put the books down!

A. All around good. Good zombie fun. Good science fiction. Good drama. Great story telling and art.

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Updated: February 3, 2009 — 7:47 pm

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