Jonah Hex Solid Among Collapsing Universes

So, consistently one of the best DC books out there. Especially if you are tired of the hubbub going on inside the regular DCU. No Darksied, but there’s low-down, no good law men, escaped convicts, misguided bounty hunters, survivors with bones to pick with Mr. Hex. Infinitely more human and approachable the rigamarole going on inside the regular DCU. Each story is contained in a single issue. Each issues contains a well thought out, well told, well drawn story (by various artists my favorite being Jordi Bernet). Each story you know will contain some clever twist at the end, but you still anxiously read through to find out what it is.

Hex is terribly flawed character, but usually turns out to be more a ‘hero’ than many of the mainstream characters. If you’re looking for something to break up the predictable, redundant melodrama or the regular DCU this is where you should come to find it. A book of high integrity that respects the traditions from which the media arose. Yep.

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Updated: February 3, 2009 — 7:39 pm

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